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How many times have you gone to the store to get one or two things and end up spending half an hour standing in front of one section staring endlessly at the exact same thing? I mean really do we need to have twelve different types of the same product?!?
How do we decide which one to use? They all claim to be the best…but who knows right?

Fitness Apps

Just thought I would list a few of the fitness apps that I use or have used in the past and think are worth having:

I currently use the free version of all of these apps!

Couch 2 5k This is a great app for those of us who are a little (or a lot) out of shape and want to fix that slowly! It eases you into running using interval runs. The only down side I have found to this app is that it does not track your run. I use another app for that.

RunKeeper I use this app to track my indoor and outdoor runs/walks. It’s GPS tracker works really well, even out in the boonies where I live! It lets you set up goals and automatically tracks them using the workouts that you input. You can connect with friends and there is a website that is connected to the app. (Although I have yet to use the site…)

My Fitness Pal This app is awesome for helping you keep track of your food intake! I love that it has a bar code scanner feature as well as the ability to search for foods, it even has a lot of restaurants! You have to have internet access for it to work, or it seems that way. This app is connected to a website which connects you with other users to help keep you motivated. It also keeps up with your weight (if you input it) and how close you are to your weight loss goals.

Please comment and let me know if there are any apps that you like to use to assist you in your fitness goals. I am always looking for new or better things to help me get through the tough times! Thanks!