Ever wonder what a good way to motivate yourself to run is? Well, other than having great people around you to keep you motivated to keep going? I happened upon a wonderful motivator during last nights run with my husband! Go to a place like Kalmia Gardens¬†around, oh say, 7:30pm or 8:00pm. Power walk down a few paths until you get deep enough in that the little bit of sun that is left struggles to get through the trees…sooner or later something out there will crunch a leaf or stick and guess what?!? YOU WILL BE RUNNING out of there in no time! Continue reading “Motivation”

Learning to RUN!

OH MY GOD I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO PASS OUT OR BE SICK!! Yeah you remember that whole post I did about working out and how I was easing into it? Yeah well…let’s just say that my husband and I went on a run tonight and it was far from easing into it! We ran/power walked 3.6 miles around Kalmia Gardens….I thought I was going to scream and cry and throw up! Some points I couldn’t stop laughing…I honestly wish I would have taken a voice recorder so that you could listen to the hour long run…it was priceless to say the least! I am super proud of me for what I was able to accomplish and hope to do it at least 3 times a week as long as we can find a baby sitter…. Continue reading “Learning to RUN!”

Exercise is a lifestyle choice!


I am so super, seriously, absolutely, one hundred percent tired of hearing people say that they want to lose weight…and then turning around and eating JUNK or drinking JUNK! No matter what there is no miracle diet pill or anything else that can make you magically wake up and be small and healthy. Losing weight and getting healthy should be a life choice that you make! Even if you do lose weight using a “diet pill” you will most likely gain the weight back as soon as you stop using it if you didn’t change your life style. Continue reading “Exercise is a lifestyle choice!”