Summer Challenge Day #3

I have to say that I didn’t expect to have any problems doing this challenge.

Honestly, the working out part and eating well…I totally got this!

Only drinking water?!? Well…I didn’t think that would be a biggie either!

Ugh! I am having trouble sleeping, head aches non-stop…basically all signs of


That’s right…I am having withdrawal symptoms over sugary drinks! Oh my gosh!! Seriously?!?
I didn’t think I drank them that often!
Apparently, I drank them often enough to cause myself to become “addicted”!
Guys, you seriously need to look at how much you drink that has sugar in it and see if you can cut back! I never once thought that I drank that much sugary drinks. I was wrong! I admit that now…and I will make it through this. 
Just wanted to share that I never thought I would have these problems with only drinking water.

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