How To Make A Pinata: DIY The WRONG Way!

It’s been a little while since I have done a post about a random adventure in my day to day crazy life.

So I thought instead of embarrassing my kids…which I totally did with A Bad Case of Weird, I would take the time to embarrass myself!

I know…you guys must be super excited!

Already your brain is working…trying to figure out what I did…this time!

While there is a HUGE list of things that I have done that may not be considered…smart or right…or even okay…one stands out more than others right now.

First, I must admit that I am a bit of a majorly massive total DORK!

I am completely okay with my dorkdom and honestly feel that more people should let loose and have some fun.

I mean seriously…WHO WANT’S TO GROW UP?!?

When I got married and started a family, I never once told anyone that I agreed to growing up and acting my age!

I like to have fun. Sometimes that fun comes in the form of dancing around my house and singing loudly to The Hamster Dance. If you don’t know this song you should totally check it out! Ema loves it! Mind you her dad and I are both sort of into this kind of techno music for our runs…so she hears it a lot!

This picture MAY or MAY not have been taken while dancing around
the house to Ice Ice Baby! (Hehe I love Ema’s red glittery hat)

Anyways…on to the actual post! The topic of this post took place a few months back.

Ema’s fourth birthday to be exact!

I was super excited to plan my little girl’s party! She wanted Hello Kitty, no big deal, I totally got this!

However, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I had been on bedrest for 5 1/2 months prior and had a 2 week old at this point.

Well, no matter, I got the party planned and everything was going great! The cake was ordered, don’t judge me, I so can’t cook and was not going to bake a cake that ended up poisoning innocent children the decorations were ready to be put up, and the food was sitting at The Farm waiting to be cooked!

I am going to rock this party!

And then…Pinterest…oh Pinterest…how I hate you at times!

Pinterest made me feel like a bad mom because all of the things for her party had been purchased. I didn’t make anything!

After browsing through, the day of the party I might add, I decide that a pinata would be perfect! We have a ton of candy laying around that no one is going to eat, why not make a pinata! The kids will love it!

Well, this is the site I found: ChristineIsCooking

It was super simple: Get a cereal box, fill it with candy, wrap the box in paper, hang from a string and voila! Pinata!

After exploring my kitchen, I realized that we only had a small cereal box! That just wouldn’t do! Oh no! We had too much candy!

Then I see it…sitting in the recycling bin….ready to go.

Now wait a second before you start judging! I am totally going to cover it in paper! No one will ever know it’s a beer box the kids are beating! And those things are sturdy! She said in her How To it needed to be sturdy!!
This is PERFECT! In a totally “bad mom” sort of way!
Luckily the box is empty so I don’t have to worry about what to do with it’s contents. I’m sure we could have figured something out lol
Now that I had my box I proceeded to stuff it with as much candy as I possibly could. I so didn’t want this stuff back at my house!
By the time I got it stuffed with candy, my friend showed up and decided to help out. Between the two of us..our common sense didn’t kick in…and we used a decent amount of tape on the box.
WHAT?!? We didn’t want it to break before it was time! I mean come on…kids and a baseball bat can totally break this right?!? Think of all those times you’ve carried one and it collapsed for no reason at all!
Anyways, now the box is stuffed and taped. We add a hole to each side and run some string through it…again that common sense thing…this would have been much easier to do BEFORE we taped it up!
With that task done and 30 minutes gone we get to the fun part! Covering the box!
We decide to use pink tissue paper, because we don’t want to make it too tough to break! Now we think of that?!?
After the tissue paper is not so gracefully taped on to the box, I print out a few Hello Kitty pictures and we add those to it. You could pretty much still read every word on the box without the print outs :/
Now our Pinata was complete!
SEE! You totally can’t tell what it is!!

And now is when we realize we SCREWED UP! It was almost impossible to break open…and I willingly gave 3 and 4 year olds (and one 8 year old) a BASEBALL BAT?!?!?


OH MY GOSH! I am amazed no one died!

Anyways…here are a few pictures of the kids beating the unbreakable pinata….we ended up cutting it open!

And that, my dear readers, is how NOT to make a pinata for your kids birthday party!
Give me my comment cake!! Please, please tell me something silly or maybe even inappropriate you have done in the past 🙂

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