Disappointment can be difficult to deal with when trying to lose weight.

I have been watching what I eat, drinking only water, and working out religiously with my hubby. I have lost several pounds in the past few weeks..which is awesome!

However, we just did my hubby’s measurements and “before” pictures (he would kill me if I posted them so those stay secret) and I decided to see how I have done so far since I started really working it this month…

Guess what?!?

My measurements have gone up!! What the heck?

My hubby keeps telling me that it’s just because I am building muscle…and I so hope that is true. If my measurements are still up at the end of the month, I may very well scream and cry while rolling around on the floor in a full on temper tantrum!

PS: If this happens I will be sure to have someone record it for your viewing pleasure!

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