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blogger2bloggerWhat you need to know!

First, I want to explain how Blogger 2 Blogger works:

Each Saturday I will send out a reminder email asking who wants to participate. Once I have the list of participants, I will partner everyone up and send out an email letting you know who your new partner is!

You will come up with 10 questions you want to ask your partner via email before Tuesday. (Your partner should send you your questions.) The questions can cover ANY topic: blogging, family, fun, hobbies, etc. You name it you can ask it…just remember that most of us have family oriented blogs…so NOTHING NASTY PLEASE!

Once you have your questions you need to respond to them, you can type them, take pictures, or do a YouTube video it is totally up to you how you choose to answer your questions…get creative!

In the introduction of your Blogger 2 Blogger post you need to place this image:

Blogger 2 Blogger

Next, you should introduce your partner and link to their site. This will help each of us gain a few new links for that all important Google Rank! Then you will answer your questions in whatever manner you chose.

Lastly, you will add the Inlinkz code that I send out so that your readers can jump from blog to blog and check out all of the wonderful Blogger 2 Blogger participants!

The swap will go live each Thursday!I like to schedule it the night before so that it will post about midnight and can run all day Thursday!

Want to join in next time?

By signing up you are

  • Asking to take part in the Blogger 2 Blogger swap. (I will send out an email (in advance) asking about your participation.).
  • Agreeing to receive weekly email updates about the Blogger 2 Blogger 10 Question Swap.
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