Princess Panties in the Lunch Room

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Mischievous Mondays


So…priceless moment turned Mischievous Monday this week!!

Bet you are pretty dang curious how I’m managing to RUIN my four year old’s life already huh?

Well, let me set the scene for you…

Emalee comes home from school with daddy and sits down on the floor to do a puzzle.

She is in a pretty little dress…and no shorts underneath.

I fuss at her when she lays down and her dress rides up and she says…

“But mom…these are my favorite Princess Panties…I don’t want to hide them!”

Yeah…you probably see where this is heading right?!?

Of course, my response comes quick…

“Sweetie, it’s not okay to show off your panties. You know that as a little girl if you want to wear dresses you have to be careful or simply wear shorts under your dress.”

“Ugh, mom it’s fine!”

“No it’s not fine! Please tell me you haven’t been showing your panties to anyone when you’re not at home!”

“But MOM!! “Girl A” friend at school totally LOVES princesses!”


“Ema…did you show her your panties today?”

“Well, yeah! She loves princesses! So I showed her my panties…she loved them!”

Head drops down…crap! My kid is showing her stuff to little girls!! 

“Where were you when you showed her your panties?”

“Ugh! Mom! I was just in the lunch room! She loved them and wants a pair of her own now!”

OH MY GIDDY AUNT!! Did my kid just say she flashed another little girl her princess panties in the LUNCH ROOM!!!

“Emalee…sweet heart…can you PLEASE just at least go to the bathroom to show off your princess panties next time?!?”

“MOM YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE!!” She then proceeds to run to MY bedroom and throw herself onto my bed!

Am  I a bad mom??? lol Has your kid done anything like this???

Now it’s your turn!

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