Mommy’s Time Out: Cold Water Challenge

Cold Water Challenge

Have you done the Cold Water Challenge? Read on to see mine!

As a blogger I want to challenge other bloggers to do the Cold Water Challenge and share your videos with me! I believe this is an awesome idea and it was a ton of wet…cold…fun 🙂 I even ended up with ICE IN MY BRA!!

So on to the charity that I donated my money to!


It Takes A Village to Raise a Child, came about when a friend lost her daughter through a terrible, horrible accident. We all like to think that this would and could never happen to us…however it can and it does!

The family’s schedule was a little different that day and instead of mom dropping sweet Sophia off at daycare, dad was set to do it. Unfortunately, Sophia fell asleep soon after getting in the rear-facing carseat and dad forgot she was there. He then went about his typical morning routine…going straight to work.

When he got off much later that day, sadly he found her in the back…this has been all over the news in my area and people are giving the dad a pretty hard time. While I totally understand that, and honestly my first reaction was “how could you forget!” but then I thought about it more and more…it can and does happen!

Mom has started up a charity that makes stickers to place on your car door so that you will ALWAYS remember to check your carseat! Please, please check out this page and if you can…DONATE!


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