Day 3…Feeling a bit purple?


3 days of posting in a row…

Hope it doesn’t ruin it for ya that this one is going to be a shortie!

So…in making sure that I got a picture for the post today, I somehow managed to get this gem!


Do you know how much skill it takes to eat a chip AND pick your nose at the same time?!?

Just an added note: I hope to put up a review of this awesome new car seat soon! It’s a Safety1st, want to know more about it before I get my post ready? Click the link!!

Have you ever woken up, taken your shower…straightened your hair and just felt a bit…well…


Well, I did!


I wish that you could see the highlights a bit better…maybe tomorrow’s picture will show them a bit more?

What do you think? Would you add purple highlights to your hair on a random whim?

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