Learning to look for positives

I worry and stress about so many silly things every day…then days like today come and I realize that I need to let go and just be happy with the things in my life that are going as planned.

With the disaster in Oklahoma and all of those children and families that are still waiting to know who they have lost I can’t help but cry. If you are able and would like to don’t forget that the American Red Cross can always use donations to help those in need!
Then things a little closer to home for me make me scared and worried. My cousin Heather, whom I haven’t really seen in a few years, is 29 weeks pregnant with a wonderful baby girl. I found out that she is in the hospital…her water has broken, she is contracting and bleeding and they can’t make it stop. Abigail only weighs around 2 pounds right now and it is just so very scary not knowing what is going to happen. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are there with them.
Days like to today make me think back to all of the trouble I had during both of my pregnancies. Both of my girls tried to come early but we were able to make them stay until they were fully developed. I can only imagine what is going through my cousins mind right now and all I can say is that I love you all very much and pray that everything smooths out and baby Abby and Heather are both okay.
My oldest little girl left for her very last day of 3K today. I simply cannot believe that she is 4 years old and in school. I can remember being in the hospital (a few times) wondering what our future would hold, what kind of a life my child would have. I have to say that I am very lucky to have a child as amazing as Emalee. She is so super smart and sweet! Her teachers and classmates, heck even teachers and students that she barely sees at school, have begged us to return next year. The teachers, staff, parents, and students at Thomas Hart Academy have made this past year superb! I sat on the couch with Emalee yesterday while she decided it would be fun to try and write the alphabet in order. The look of concentration on her face as she slowly sang the ABC’s and wrote it out was adorable and amazing. I couldn’t believe that my little girl was able to sit down with absolutely no help and write out the ABC’s. The only trouble she had was with the letter G…she couldn’t figure out how to write it upper case like she had the rest of them. She often amazes me with her choices during her free time at home. Most of the time I find her with a pencil and paper writing something or she may be counting things or trying to read a book. She surprises me because she really can read some words already. She can sit down and sound out words and makes it look easy. We often sit down with the letter cards and she will sound out a word and spell it with the cards, very rarely making mistakes. Mrs. Amanda has done an amazing job this year and I simply cannot wait to see how she grows next year with the 4K class 🙂 I just want to say thank you to everyone that has had a hand in how wonderful my daughter is doing in school. As a mother and an ex-teacher I cannot say how much it means to me to see how much you guys care about my child and her development. I know that she loves every one of you and I sure do as well!
I guess what my long rant/ramble comes down to is a reminder that we all need to learn to look for the positives in our life and lift those up. There may be times that it is rather difficult to see them but remember that they are there and those are the things we need to keep on our minds. Remember to always tell those that you love each day what they mean to you…and follow a rule that my husband and I have followed for 10 years….NEVER, EVER LEAVE OR GO TO BED ANGRY! It is much better to deal with the issue while you are face to face because you never know when that will be the only chance you get to tell them you love them!

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