Baby on a Budget

We all know the major, massive, insane amounts of money it takes to raise a kid.

However, sometimes we forget that we have options when it comes to what we buy. Just because we need diapers, formula, wipes, and so much more doesn’t mean that we have to buy the “popular” name brand products.

I know as a first time mom I was often scared to try the “store” brand products. The second time around I realized that there are somethings that work and some things that don’t.

I decided to write a post to let you guys know the products that I have tried, what works, and what doesn’t!

Hope this helps save you a bit of money as well!
What we often don’t realize is that a TON of store brand products are actually made by the exact same companies as the name brands. They even have the same ingredients!!

Jaw drop moment! I know! I didn’t know this either!

Some moms say that they don’t buy the store brand products because they are worried it will make them look “bad”. Oh my gosh really?!? Saving money makes you look bad?

I must look horrible, because we try and save as much as we can whenever we can!

Infant Formula:

For those of us who are unable or choose not to breast feed infant formula is a MAJOR part of your monthly, heck weekly, grocery bill. Most people assume that because it costs more it must be better…right?

Infant formula is something that you do NOT want to skimp out on. We all know how important it is for our babies to eat the right things. However, what we don’t seem to realize is that because of the Infant Formula Act¬†certain procedures have to be followed when they are making the formula.

Store brand formulas often cost half or sometimes even less that their name brand counterparts! This means that you are wasting your money by buying the name brand version of it!

Formula is regulated by the FDA, there are very small differences between brands. If you take the time to compare them you will see ūüôā

I have used: Target brand, Walmart brand, and CVS brand formulas with my daughter and have had no issues with any of them. If you look at the side or back of the container you will often find something that has a detailed list of differences.

Unfortunately, where I live, I have to say DO NOT buy formula in bulk! Babies change formula a lot more often than you would think. Things come up and you have to switch to lactose free, or spit up versions, or gosh there are so many options. Around here, due to crappy people with WIC returning formula for non-baby items, we are not allowed to exchange formula…even for a different type of formula! If you buy it and don’t need it…you are just S.O.L!


Now store brand diapers are a whole different story!

I have purposely bought store brand diapers to test so that you guys wouldn’t have to.

I bought crappy diapers on purpose!! I changed bed sheets several times a day, washed the swing and bouncy seat, got covered in poop and pee….all so you wouldn’t have to!
Now that you understand the things that I did just because I love you…here is my review of different brand diapers:
Be careful here when you choose to purchase a store brand. Check the amount in the box and the price and compare it to the name brand diapers. Sometimes they make you think you are getting a better deal than you are.
Walmart (Parent’s Choice) Diapers: PLEASE oh PLEASE whatever you do….for the love of all things holy…DO NOT buy these! I gave them an honest chance…really I did! After she leaked out the first time I figured maybe it was a fluke seeing as she barely peed at all and got her swing wet! I even decided to let her try and sleep in them!
BIG no, no! The entire crib was covered in poop! Oh my gosh! What happened in here! She can’t even roll over yet!! How did it get everywhere?
But I digress. Walmart diapers are about the same size as Pampers and Huggies, however, they half about 1/4 of the padding to soak “stuff” up. A quarter may be being too kind!
I had a huge issue with the velcro tabs tearing off when I tried to put the diaper on! I felt like a super strong woman if that makes up for any of the other issues I had with these diapers.
You don’t want to be this guy!
Target (Up & Up) Diapers:¬†These are my absolute favorites! They do not leak, tear, or rip! They don’t get all bulky and gross when they are full and I mean they can actually get pretty full!
(Let’s just say she had one amazingly pee and poo filled night the other night!)
These diapers are super high quality for a super low price. They come larger than Pampers or Huggies and seem to usually have the same amount in a package as the name brands.
Walmart (White Cloud) Diapers:¬†While not as bad as the Parent’s Choice diapers they are still not great. They don’t leak as easily and are a little bit better quality.
These diapers are medium quality to me. Their price is pretty cheap and they don’t fall apart when you try to put them on. They are a little bit smaller than Pampers and Huggies diapers.
CVS Brand Diapers:¬†These diapers ran about the same as the White Cloud diapers. They leak pretty easily if they get more than one pee in them. So if you are a mom that changes the baby’s diaper every time they let out even a small amount of pee these will work fine for you!
These diapers come smaller than Pampers and Huggies and are decently cheap.
My biggest tip when it comes to diapers is to buy in bulk and don’t open a box until you are sure you are going to use it. Diapers can be exchanged!
I am honestly not even going to take the time to do an individual review of each brand of wipes. From what I have noticed, unless your child has sensitive skin…
a wipe is a wipe!
Each brand has it’s perks. Some smell better, some have aloe, some are just plain wipes. However, I have bought everything from the cheapest to the most expensive and haven’t seen a difference in how well it cleans up poop!
They all work just fine!
So there you have it! A quick review of a few store brand items that you can save yourself some money by purchasing! If you have used an item on the list and had a different experience please let me know. The same goes for agreeing with them or even trying a product I didn’t put on here!
As always I love your comments and feedback!

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