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You guys KNOW from a few posts that I have done: How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Blog and Pinterest Whore, that I like ADORE Pinterest!
I want to share my addiction obsession love of Pinterest with others, so I decided it was about time for an awesome game!

A Pinterest Scavenger Hunt – The ABCs of blogging!

There is NO list for this hunt! You simply find a post that you feel fits each letter of the alphabet that would be helpful to you as a blogger! 🙂

I know…you are totally doing your happy dance right now! Some of you may need a bathroom break from all the excitement! Don’t worry we will be here when you get back! 🙂
If you don’t have a Pinterest account, GET ONE! You’ll love it.
If you really don’t want one, don’t freak out I’ll try not to judge lol I have an option for you guys as well!

Pinterest Scavenger Hunt Rules/Guidelines

1.Create a Pinteresting Bloggers board on your Pinterest account. Pin the badge above and make it your cover photo!
2. Pin pictures to the board that represent the things on the list below.
3. Be sure to follow all boards for all 3 of your Hosts (we will follow you back)
4. I would love it if you could look at each of the 3 hosts blogs and find at least 1 thing to pin for your list!
5. Use a GREAT CLEAR description for every pin! YOU MUST LINK IT BACK TO THE BLOG YOU FOUND IT ON!
6. Link up to the Pinteresting Bloggers at the end of this post. Be sure that the link goes to your Pinterest Board!!
7. Bite your nails nervously as other members of this Hunt view and judge your pins! Be sure to comment and let me know which ones are your favorites! If you are having trouble with something comment and we will all try to help 🙂
8. Please, post your entry by midnight August 2, 2013!

Please check out your hosts blogs for Pin ideas:

Southern Mess Moms          Liv Laugh Love          Bargains With Brittanie

ABCs of Blogging
The object of this Scavenger Hunt is to obtain a variety of Helpful Posts, tips and tricks for bloggers to help make blogs better (one for each letter of the alphabet)!
You can pin from anywhere and everywhere! The more variety the better!
This is MY ABCs of Blogging list. You do not need to copy it or make your list match mine in any way other than the letters of the alphabet and the pins being helpful for bloggers.
My list: (Look at my board and see the Pins)
W- Words you need to know (sadly doesn’t include blogasm)

Check out our group board:


Okay, for all of you Non-Pinterest users:

You can simply create a post/page and add all of the links you find there. Then share a link to that page in the comments. ( can participate…it just isn’t as fun as digging through Pinterest…you really don’t know what you are missing out on as a



One winner will be chosen, from all boards who have a complete list, via random selection by Inlinkz.


The winner will receive the awesome, amazing, EPIC prize of having their button/ad run on each of the three hosts pages for 1 month for FREE! THAT IS A $50 VALUE!

I simply cannot wait to see what all of you guys come up with! Just think of all of the informative posts we are ALL about to read! That is a prize in itself in my opinion! I mean really, we have a ton of people doing research on how to make our blogs better! This is going to be amazing!

Want to keep up with what the Host and Co-hosts are posting to their ABCs? Be sure to check out the Pinteresting Bloggers – ABCs of Blogging board! Once this hunt is over I will open the board to anyone and everyone, just ask for an invite 🙂

You can also join our Facebook Group: Pinteresting BloggersYou don’t have to participate in the Hunt to join in on the group.

Don’t forget to share this Hunt with your friends! Tweet about it, share it on Facebook…and of course PIN IT! 🙂

COMMENT LETTING ME KNOW WHICH PINTEREST BOARDS ARE YOUR FAVORITES! ALSO LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO FIND A PIN TO FIT A LETTER, WE CAN HELP! You can get creative with how you name your pins so that you can get each letter! Just because a post is about Twitter doesn’t mean it has to be under T. You could name is Playful Twitter Tips or something 🙂

PS: I am going to enable voting at the end of the hunt so that I can see how it works. You will only be able to vote once the hunt is complete and you cannot vote for yourself. I would like to do the next hunt with the winner chosen by vote, however, I felt the need to test this feature before using it. Thank  you for helping me test it! You have two votes 🙂

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