Sink of Shame: L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert

sunday sink of shame

It’s that time again!

Time for me to humiliate myself by showing you yet another of my many items in the Sink of Shame!

Last week we talked about how L’Oreal’s Total Repair 5 can help if you dye your hair a lot or just have unhealthy hair.

This week I am finally getting to a product that I am NOT currently using.

L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert Shampoo & Conditioner

loreal delicate color shampoo


I started using L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert during my Pink phase.

Yes…I had a pink phase…and honestly I LOVED IT! I sort of miss having pink highlights…however…

Pink Highlights

It just cost too much to maintain. I don’t know about you guys but paying $80 a month (at least) to get someone to put a few streaks in my hair just isn’t in the budget! I had it done for a little over a month and had to stop! I so wish it would have stuck better.

For those of you that are curious…and I’m sure there are just LOADS of you…I had what are called “Peek-a-boo-Pink” highlights. Basically when my hair was down you didn’t see them too much. If I pulled it behind my hears or half up you could see them in all of their awesomeness!

I’m sure some of you are thinking…why would anyone want pink highlights?!? Well…I loved them! lol I honestly cannot tell you why I WANTED them…I just did!

Now, back to the product review.

Why I originally bought L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert. Basically, I got my highlights done (80 freaking bucks!!) and within three days you couldn’t tell I had gotten them done at all! I mean not one single little sign of pink!

Needless to say…I was a teeny tiny bit ticked off! So I called the stylist and told her…she said, “Does your shampoo have sulfates?” Ummm….HOW SHOULD I KNOW?!? It’s shampoo!!

So off I go to check and sure enough…it has sulfates! Even though it is supposed to be a shampoo for colored hair (I’ll get to what product I was using eventually as I dig deeper into the sink of shame).

She kindly says that she will redo the highlights…this may have been due to the anger in my voice and the threat to tell EVERYONE what happened to my hair lol! (I mean really 3 days and one wash and it’s gone??? I don’t think so! I even talked to a friend that does hair and she said it shouldn’t have done that.) Come to find out my hair was the first time this chick had done colored highlights…no wonder I had issues!

While she is redoing my highlights (FOR FREE) she mentions that I should get a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to help the color stay. Anyone that has ever done the “fashion colors” knows that they don’t last long (a month at most really) so I agreed that I would get them a shot. Little did I know what the chick was ringing me up for would cost almost as much as getting my dang hair colored! ticked off pink haired girl left with $60 worth of shampoo and conditioner….yeah those little bottles you see up there….I paid 60 bucks for them!! (FYI you can get them from Amazon for a lot cheaper…hindsight and all that good stuff.)

What I liked about L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert:

  1. My hair smelled and looked amazing! It was healthy and shiny, without the dreaded so shiny it looks greasy issue.
  2. It took very, very little to wash my hair. No more of that fill up you whole palm just to get a small lather, with this stuff a dime to quarter size is plenty!
  3. I liked that it came in a pump bottle, soooo super easy when in the shower. I mean really we all drop the shampoo on our toes at some point…this makes that less likely!

Why I stopped using it:

  1. HOLY CRAP IT’S EXPENSIVE!! I mean really…before I bought this I was using something that cost me $10 for both!! Even on Amazon I couldn’t buy these for that. I didn’t want to start to really like it and want to keep using it. It just wasn’t in our budget.
  2. I honestly didn’t notice a difference in how long the color stayed in my hair with this shampoo than I did with the others. Why pay a ton of money for something that isn’t doing what I bought it for? I can go back to my el-cheap-o stuff and let the color fade just the same.

Well…there you have it…my most expensive sink of shame member!

Have you ever used L’Oreal Delicate Color Expert? What is the most you would pay for shampoo and conditioner? Have you ever let someone talk you into something and then felt “guilt-ed” into buying it even though you realized it cost more than you ever wanted to pay?

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