Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We have a winner!!

Or well…we have two winners! haha Yes, my two winners from last week took a page out of my book and decided that two people won the Caption This contest! This means that I now have 3 blogs being features in my sidebar! (I’m leaving Growing Up Madison up for another week because she had a lot of down time due to my move.)

Caption This #2Our winners are:

Melanie from MommyMentionables


Courtney from A Few Days in the Life of Courtsie Ann B!

Congratulations girls! Be sure to send me your button and the link you want it to go to and I will get you up on my Featured Blogs section!

Be sure to participate next week to get a FREE featured ad space on our blog!!

The real story behind the picture:

Daddy was at work…Emalee and Beam decided that they missed him and wanted to wait on him to get home. Clearly, the best spot to do this an know the INSTANT he pulls up is by sitting on the top of the couch cuddled up and watching out the window. They stayed this way for around 30 minutes and both got very excited when he finally got home from work!

Ema and Beam

Rescue Me! Country Acres Pet Resort & Animal Shelter

Rescue Me!

A series of posts dedicated to getting the word out about Animal Shelters & Rescues!

Many of you already know that I have a passion for animals and their well being. I adore animals of all types (okay so maybe I don’t care for snakes and spiders…but who does?!?) and feel that they deserve to be treated with love, caring, and understanding. Because of my desire to keep animals safe, I wanted to take the time to get the word out about rescue, shelters and rehabilitation centers from all over the world! Continue reading “Rescue Me! Country Acres Pet Resort & Animal Shelter”

Weigh In Wednesday #4

Short sweet and to the point! I know most of you guys could care less about this post each week but it helps me stay accountable for my health and reaching my goals!

So, with that said..

As of July 17th I weighed 143.4

This morning…I am now at….a whopping….

142.2 lbs!!

I am so ready to hit the 130’s I’m not sure how I will react! I may throw a dang party!!

Mischievous Monday #5

Mischievous Monday: Blanket Forts

This weeks most mischievous moment came from Emalee, yet again!

Nothing too scandalous unfortunately, however, as usual, she was in my bedroom playing and not doing what she was supposed to!

I have asked her on several occasions not to mess up my bed by jumping on it!

Technically, she was behaving! She TOTALLY did NOT jump on my bed…instead…she made a fort!

Mischievous Blanket Fort


In order to make this fort she:

  • Pulled EVERYTHING off of my bed!
  • Dumped out two baskets full of clothes so she could use the baskets. Yes, I did have 2 baskets waiting to be put up…don’t judge me! lol
  • Pulled three dresser drawers out to hold the blanket up.
  • Knocked everything off of the top of the dresser…let’s just say those totally needed to be cleaned before hand!
  • Made faces at me when I caught her 🙁

Caption This #2

Last weeks Caption This was a ton of fun! I loved having you guys decide what fit the picture! To be honest I didn’t even notice that it looked like the baby was peeing!!

Yay for you guys and your weird minds! Hehe 🙂

This weeks Sneak Peak and Caption this will run from today until Wednesday when the winner is announced!

The winner will be chosen by last weeks winners: Growing Up Madison and Melissa!!

Curious what they came up with that won, but missed it last week? Check out the winning SplashPad Caption This from last week!

Don’t forget! The winner will be featured on our site for the week!

Now, for this weeks Caption This!!




Photo Of The Week: Special Moma Moment

We are participating in the Photo of the Week contest!

I am totally 100% super duper excited about the topic for this weeks Photo Contest! It is “Special Moma Moment”!

How great it that?!?

I’m sure you are curious what this contest is by now huh?

Well, sadly, it is not my idea! But I love it so much that I just couldn’t help but participate!

Melanie over at Mommy Mentionables came up with this awesome idea to get everyone involved with one another using the hashtag #photoadayMM to see the amazing photos!

If you think you want to join in and why wouldn’t you just hop on over to her site using the link above and read the short How To!

Without further ado…my Photo Of The Week: Special Moma Moment is

Special Moma Moment


This picture was taken last night after my birthday dinner. I adore this picture because it has 3 generations sitting on one bench! I wish I could have gotten my grandma there to make it 4!  I love the look on Annaliese’s face!

What birthday dinner is complete without the “silly face” picture? 🙂

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From Blogger To WordPress Move

All right guys! We have moved to WordPress and have our very own pretty new domain name!!

I am super excited to say that things seem to be working so far!

I want to say thank you for being so understanding these last few days as I made the move.

A few things to note as we complete this change:

-COMMENTS ARE BACK! Please be sure to check out the Sit Around Saturday post and get your awesome comments in! 🙂

-Some posts lost their formatting and the pictures are a bit out of order. I am slowly working my way through these posts to get it back how it was.

-I THINK all of the links are working. Please be the sweet awesome readers I know you to be and let me know if you find something that isn’t working right. I will get it fixed as soon as I can 🙂 thanks in advance!

-If you feel like looking through some of the older posts to help me figure out what works and doesn’t work I would totally love you forever! However, I am going to print out a list of all of my posts and mark them off once I have re-formatted it. (So far this has been one of the most annoying parts of this move!)

I hope to have a non-techie version of a how to (with pictures of course) on what I learned about moving from Blogger to WordPress in a week or two!

Thanks again for being so totally awesome!