Guest Post: Mommy TalkUNCENSORED

We were featured on Mommy TalkUNCESORED today!

A HUGE thanks to Melissa for taking the time to share one of our posts!

I am very excited to be a part of her blog today 🙂

Be sure to check it out as well as explore the rest of her awesome site! 

Baby Walker or Walk Her?

We have all been there! Your kid is big enough to pull up and TRY to walk, but they just haven’t quite mastered it!

What is a mom to do?!? You don’t want them to hurt themselves but you know they need to gain that leg strength in order to get going.

Walkers are great and all…

or not…they are kind of bulky and lord only knows what will happen if you have stairs
but you can’t carry them everywhere and even if you could, who would want to stay confined in that thing?
So, again I ask, what is a mom to do?
In pops a new product!

The Juppy Baby Walker Momentum

How to Create A Beautiful Blogger Blog

Like most of you guys, I didn’t want to keep using one of the “stock” templates. I hated when I was flipping through blogs and came across one that looked exactly like mine!
What is there to keep people from just simply clicking on past my site when they see it?

If you are anything like me, and I’m betting you are, you either can’t afford to or don’t want to purchase a pre-made setup. Some of these things get pretty expensive!!
This question lead me to spend a ton of time over the past few days doing research and finding ways to update my blog.

I figured that I would be nice and share with you what I learned!

Fireworks Fun…or not!

This past Friday the town next to ours had their annual July 4th celebration.

This thing has turned in to an all out circus! Don’t get me wrong it is fun…but the church that hosts it has to be raking in the money from this event!

Let me explain through a few ton of pictures, a lot of a few words, and a possible video if I can make it load!

Mischievous Monday #2

It’s that time again!
Be sure to get in your stories of the MOST mischievous, devious little things that happened in your house this week! 
Hey it could even be something that you did!
If you didn’t get to join in this week and would like to next week please just send me the following information:

Blog Name, a link to your blog, (a short description of your blog if you would like), how many children you have, ages, and the most mischievous moment of the week with a picture if you have one!

If you don’t have a blog but still want to share your story, which I would be thrilled to hear, you can just send me your name (or a nickname if you want to be anonymous), how many children you have, ages, and the most mischievous moment of the week with a picture if you have one!


So some of you may have noticed that I just went and took down every single picture that I didn’t take myself!

Well, the reason I did this is because someone shared this link with me and I got very confused as to whether it was okay to have the silly little ecards that are passed around Facebook on my blog or not.

Until I know for certain one way or the other…I will no longer be putting up random pictures!

I will be making them and taking them all by myself!

If you have any information on this PLEASE comment below and let me know!!