Day 7…DoomsDay Prepping & The Bachelor

Today I am writing about DoomsDay Prepping and The Bachelor!

Yep…you read that right!

If you haven’t watched the show DoomsDay Preppers on NetFlix…well you have no clue of the hilarity that you are missing out on!

Trust me…go watch an episode or two and tell me if you aren’t hooked and totally laughing so hard you peed a little!

Anyways…the hubs and I (along with a friend) joke around about prepping all of the time. Let me make one thing perfectly clear…

Very little that we do or say that relates to prepping is serious! We are joking and just having fun…so please…don’t get offended by something I do or say over the course of time.

For instance…our reasons for prepping change weekly…some times it’s Zombies…sometimes it’s the plague and some days it’s the rapture…yeah sorry…we watched Rapture-a-palooza the other day and apparently that one has stuck!

So anyways…

On with my post! We have a “go bag” or two, a few MREs and some sources of water that we keep up. So far we haven’t done anything crazy…but the urge to do it and put it on YouTube is strong…so be on the lookout lol

The hubs and our friend are going on a camping trip this weekend…I use the term camping lightly. When I think camping I think of tents and sleeping bags and coolers with food and water…

Not “go packs” that weigh a crap ton, three MREs, and two water canteens…

Yep…they are videotaping parts of this….

Yes…it is going to be a preppers gone crazy type of video…

Yes I will totally share this with you guys once it’s edited!

No…I will not be in the videos hahaha

PicMonkey Collage

Hehe…me with the hubs “go pack” and hat…

Please notice the shoes! I mean come on…what prepper doesn’t realize that the shoes make the outfit! lmao

Anyways…moving past my silliness and on to my kids!

Today’s image is brought to you by both girls and a Disney Princes play set that Annaliese got for Christmas…

I walked into Anna’s room to find the girls playing beautifully…getting along and being super sweet!

Then I look closer and can’t help but laugh!

They have all of the princesses lined up in front of the castle…with ONE male character in the center…my first thought was…


Do you ever look at your kids toys and have random and mainly inappropriate thoughts??

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