Welcome to Hick-Ville…Population ME!

Have you ever read a news article from your local newspaper that made you literally *face palm*?

I had one of those moments this morning!

I sit down and start digging through my massive amounts of email and Facebook posts and run across an article that left me speechless.


So today, while playing with Emalee, I managed to hurt myself.

Go figure! Those of you that know me, know that I am quite the clutz!

Because of me managing to hurt myself while pretending to have a snow ball fight with a four year old…

My hand is pretty red, swollen and bruising fast! So I head to the cabinet to get some pain medicine and this is what I find… Continue reading ““Ah-see-tah-men-ah-fen””

Captcha is EVIL!

Okay…so this post may piss¬†tick off a few people.

Please excuse the language in this post. Most of mine don’t include “dirty words” but this one sure does!

I know A LOT of bloggers and websites use captcha and I totally, 100% understand why! You don’t want spammers to comment on your site.

However…you must know that CAPTCHA IS EVIL!! Continue reading “Captcha is EVIL!”

Who Says We Have To Be Grown-Ups?

Well…..after a busy, busy day where I accomplished next to nothing…..I felt rather down in the dumps when I sat down to do this post. I had some ideas for what I could talk about tonight…..but I just didn’t feel in the “right mood” for those types of topics anymore.

I tried and tried to work on my blog today. I got a little bit done…..but not nearly what I had planned to accomplish. The girls were all over me today and just weren’t willing to give me a break. My hubby tried to help out…..but they insisted on Mommy doing just about everything! I got some of my research done and a few new posts…even started a entire new section for Adventures in Cooking. Continue reading “Who Says We Have To Be Grown-Ups?”