Apocalyptic Bed Head

Over the past year I have heard so many people talking about different types of apocalypse and what is going to cause it.

Well…this morning I found the TRUE cause of the apocalypse!!

Got your attention yet?

Yeah..I thought so!

Cowboy Boots & Tutus

My four year old makes me feel ashamed, less than fantastic, old fashioned, frumpy, hmm…I’m sure there are other ways of saying it!

Yes, that’s right! I some how have let my FOUR year old make me feel like I don’t dress well enough!

Okay, I’m sure you are quite confused by now. You’re probably thinking “Come on Becca, she’s four! How could she possibly make you feel like that?”

Well…you see what had happened was…

Emalee is slightly HUGELY obsessed with Barbie and Barbie movies lately. I really don’t have a problem with it. Most of these movies have excellent morals and examples for children to follow.

Every Barbie movie has it’s very own moral…I’m sure some of you guys want to know what they are…so here is a link to a list of them!

Yes I took the time to find them all 🙂 It is listed on the back of the DVD, yes she has all of these! After taking the time to get it off the boxes, my slow self realized that there is a website you can get it from 🙁 I so should have googled it first!

Okay, so I know that A Fashion Fairytale has a moral. It is an amazing move…however…my child has learned something more from this movie…

“Mommy, that is so not fashionable! You can’t go out in that!”

Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating!
My four year old has told me on several occasions that I’m not fashionable 🙁
This makes me sad!
My hubby laughs at me and kindly points out…you are worried about fashion advice from a four year old that dresses like this!!

Weigh In Wednesday!

It’s here! The day we have all been dreading waiting for!
It is officially…


So today, while playing with Emalee, I managed to hurt myself.

Go figure! Those of you that know me, know that I am quite the clutz!

Because of me managing to hurt myself while pretending to have a snow ball fight with a four year old…

My hand is pretty red, swollen and bruising fast! So I head to the cabinet to get some pain medicine and this is what I find… Continue reading ““Ah-see-tah-men-ah-fen””

Baby on a Budget

We all know the major, massive, insane amounts of money it takes to raise a kid.

However, sometimes we forget that we have options when it comes to what we buy. Just because we need diapers, formula, wipes, and so much more doesn’t mean that we have to buy the “popular” name brand products.

I know as a first time mom I was often scared to try the “store” brand products. The second time around I realized that there are somethings that work and some things that don’t.

I decided to write a post to let you guys know the products that I have tried, what works, and what doesn’t!

Hope this helps save you a bit of money as well!
Continue reading “Baby on a Budget”

I work out because….

Sometimes writing down or saying it out loud can help to keep us motivated!
I would love it if you guys would fill in the blank below!!
Please feel free to fill in the blank with more than one reason. I know most of us work out for more than one reason 🙂

Here is mine:
I workout because I want to be a better me and a good role model for my daughters!

Captcha is EVIL!

Okay…so this post may piss tick off a few people.

Please excuse the language in this post. Most of mine don’t include “dirty words” but this one sure does!

I know A LOT of bloggers and websites use captcha and I totally, 100% understand why! You don’t want spammers to comment on your site.

However…you must know that CAPTCHA IS EVIL!! Continue reading “Captcha is EVIL!”

Mischievous Monday #1

Welcome to the very first edition of Mischievous Monday!
Be sure to get in your story for next weeks edition!
This is going to be a place where us moms get to share some of the more devious, yet hilarious, things that our kids, significant others, and animals do through out the week. I hope to have several people join in each week and share their moments!

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