Social Scatter #15

Welcome to the Social Scatter!

February is the month for love. Make sure to spread it around!
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Sharing is great, but if you’re here, make sure to follow your hosts and co-host(s).
Special Thanks to the 6 bloggers that were featured last month.
You guys did a fantastic job spreading the word about the Social Scatter.


I’m your Host!
[Down Side Up Mommy]
I’m Bobbie Jo!I’m a Southern raised girl that left the US Army to be a Mommy and [Army] housewife. One son born on St Patrick’s Day + A step son born on Independence Day
 I am the owner of xBJSCC. I am a runner at From Pregnant To Marathon&& I am a blogger at Down Side Up Mommy!

&& I’m also a host!

[Southern Mess Moms]


I’m Becca, a great big SOUTHERN MESS if you want to know the truth!
I’m a 20 something ex-teacher and mommy of two totally awesome girls. I blog about mom life, great products, food that rocks, fitness, things I learn along my journey, and I love to add my personal flair to everything that I do!




Meet your Co-Hosts!

[A Purpose Driven Wife]
A Christian. Mom to three children. Marine Wife. Founder & CEO of Silk Spa Creations and everything in between!


[MamaMusing Online]
Hi, I’m Shannon! I’m a Canadian teacher who is currently on maternity leave. I’ve had four children in the past 5 years, and I blog about my experiences with them, as well as pregnancy, parenting and education.



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