This again?!?

Okay, come on and be honest…

I know I am not alone in this one! This is another one of those things we moms often think but try not to say.

Come on now, I know you have had the conversation I just had… Continue reading “This again?!?”

Impatient baby

I have come to the conclusion that I have created two little monsters! Don’t get me wrong, I love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.

With that being said…I need to vent! Continue reading “Impatient baby”

Who Says We Have To Be Grown-Ups?

Well…..after a busy, busy day where I accomplished next to nothing…..I felt rather down in the dumps when I sat down to do this post. I had some ideas for what I could talk about tonight…..but I just didn’t feel in the “right mood” for those types of topics anymore.

I tried and tried to work on my blog today. I got a little bit done…..but not nearly what I had planned to accomplish. The girls were all over me today and just weren’t willing to give me a break. My hubby tried to help out…..but they insisted on Mommy doing just about everything! I got some of my research done and a few new posts…even started a entire new section for Adventures in Cooking. Continue reading “Who Says We Have To Be Grown-Ups?”

Not a bad mom!

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you are doing EVERYTHING wrong!!! Well, that has been my day today! I did what I usually do, got my chores completed early on, even did part of my daily workout first thing this morning! For some reason it doesn’t seem to matter how much I do or get done…I can’t help the feeling that I am not doing it right!

Mom’s Chores

I have heard from many friends and from personal experience that keeping the house clean is becoming a full time job! No one wants to clean non-stop, even the OCD neat freak like me! I will be the first to admit that there are days that all I want to do is sit down with a good book and relax…however, if I do that I start to fall behind in my housework and we all know what happens then! Continue reading “Mom’s Chores”


Ever wonder what a good way to motivate yourself to run is? Well, other than having great people around you to keep you motivated to keep going? I happened upon a wonderful motivator during last nights run with my husband! Go to a place like Kalmia Gardens¬†around, oh say, 7:30pm or 8:00pm. Power walk down a few paths until you get deep enough in that the little bit of sun that is left struggles to get through the trees…sooner or later something out there will crunch a leaf or stick and guess what?!? YOU WILL BE RUNNING out of there in no time! Continue reading “Motivation”

Alternatives to Swiffer


There I said it!

I have admitted my weakness! I absolutely hate it…I feel like I work hard and when I am done you can barely tell I did a thing! The problem with an old fashion broom and dust pan in my house is that with animals and kids..well let’s just say that I am just moving the dirt and dust and hair from place to place. Ugh! Mopping with a sink/bucket of water and what basically amounts to a dirty sponge?!? No OCD barely lets me put my hands in dirty dish water lol Continue reading “Alternatives to Swiffer”


Just read where my nephew was being bullied/picked on during a t-ball game! This upsets me so much!! The first thought that comes to my mind is that IT IS JUST A GAME!! Why do parents and children take it so dang seriously?!? So what if they miss a few balls, so what if they don’t reach the base, so what if they strike out over and over! Why does it matter? T-ball is supposed to be about learning the basics of the sport, learning about SPORTSMANSHIP, and most of all having fun! Continue reading “Bullies”