New Kid by Friday: Part 2

Mommy’s Time Out time!!

Time for the introduction of the book New Kid By Friday!

If you missed part 1 be sure to check it out here!

It’s here!! You know you need a few good laughs!

I know the camera angle sucks…I didn’t realize that it was so high…apparently Emalee put the chair lower!
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New Kid By Friday?!?

Today’s Mommy’s Time Out had me laughing like crazy!
I can’t wait to see what you guys think of this one!
Who doesn’t want to read a book called Have A New Kid By Friday! lol
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Super Mom Tag

Mommy’s Time Out: Super Mom Tag!!
Super Mom Tag
I was tagged by Penny over at Real House Wives of Carolina County to join in on this awesome Super Mom Tag.
I would like to tag anyone and everyone that watches this to join in on the fun!
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So You Want To Be A Vulcan?!?

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Before I can get to the awesomeness that is Mischievous Monday’s…I must explain the title…some of you are probably confused by it…while others totally understand those that understand are totally awesome!

mischievous mondays
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27 Things I Learned In The Past 4 Years As A Mom

This is my first birthday as a mom of two! So I decided that I wanted to think back over the past 4 years and come up with

27 things that I have learned about being a mom!

Some are silly, some are serious, and some just aren’t right!
Why 27 you ask? Well, simply because today is my birthday and I am 27 years old! Makes total sense right?!?

While I have learned a ton of things since I became a mom, there are some “lessons” that are much more amusing than others and some that stand out as more important than others.

Of course, as you probably guessed, most of these are only funny after-the-fact and they tend to be lessons that I sort of learned the hard way. Most of them left me yelling, “Oh my gosh! I will totally never let this happen again!” Hahah yeah right! I was so naive! Continue reading “27 Things I Learned In The Past 4 Years As A Mom”

How To Make A Pinata: DIY The WRONG Way!

It’s been a little while since I have done a post about a random adventure in my day to day crazy life.

So I thought instead of embarrassing my kids…which I totally did with A Bad Case of Weird, I would take the time to embarrass myself!

I know…you guys must be super excited!

Already your brain is working…trying to figure out what I did…this time! Continue reading “How To Make A Pinata: DIY The WRONG Way!”