10 Signs That Your Kid Has A Bad Case of: Weird

I’m sure I am not the only mom to walk in on something and think, “Oh my gosh, my kid is sooo weird!”

I hope I’m not alone here anyways….

Let’s just say that Emalee has had quite a few moments that lead me to believe she has come down with a bad case of Weird!

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I’m a Pinterest WHORE!


According to wikipedia , “Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.”

Pinterest was created by a group of three people, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. I have, until this point, considered them my “pimps” or “drug dealers”. I suppose Cold Brew Labs, who manages it, probably should be included in there somewhere! They play just as big a part as the others in my new found profession and addiction.

Please note: this post is meant AS A JOKE! If you don’t have a sense of humor…DO NOT continue reading!

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2 kids + 2 haircuts + rain = H.E. double hockey sticks

It’s haircut time!!

Around here we love getting to go to the hair salon. It’s nice, relaxing and you look totally awesome when you get done!

What’s not to love right?!?

Let’s back up a little bit…I may have left out a few minor massive details.

Hitting the Trails! Nervous!

Well…after a sum total of 6 days…count them SIX!

I am finally ready to brave the trails and go for a walk with my girls again! Not going far…just to the farm!

He was right about there!!

I haven’t decided if I am going to take the back road or not…that dang snake still has me frazzled!

Goes to show there is still a HUGE difference in “Knowing” and “KNOWING”!

For those of you that needed a reminder of why I haven’t walked outside for 6 days!

Welcome to Hick-Ville…Population ME!

Have you ever read a news article from your local newspaper that made you literally *face palm*?

I had one of those moments this morning!

I sit down and start digging through my massive amounts of email and Facebook posts and run across an article that left me speechless.

Cowboy Boots & Tutus

My four year old makes me feel ashamed, less than fantastic, old fashioned, frumpy, hmm…I’m sure there are other ways of saying it!

Yes, that’s right! I some how have let my FOUR year old make me feel like I don’t dress well enough!

Okay, I’m sure you are quite confused by now. You’re probably thinking “Come on Becca, she’s four! How could she possibly make you feel like that?”

Well…you see what had happened was…

Emalee is slightly HUGELY obsessed with Barbie and Barbie movies lately. I really don’t have a problem with it. Most of these movies have excellent morals and examples for children to follow.

Every Barbie movie has it’s very own moral…I’m sure some of you guys want to know what they are…so here is a link to a list of them!

Yes I took the time to find them all 🙂 It is listed on the back of the DVD, yes she has all of these! After taking the time to get it off the boxes, my slow self realized that there is a website you can get it from 🙁 I so should have googled it first!

Okay, so I know that A Fashion Fairytale has a moral. It is an amazing move…however…my child has learned something more from this movie…

“Mommy, that is so not fashionable! You can’t go out in that!”

Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating!
My four year old has told me on several occasions that I’m not fashionable 🙁
This makes me sad!
My hubby laughs at me and kindly points out…you are worried about fashion advice from a four year old that dresses like this!!