Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ema


Today’s cooking with Ema is going to be loads of fun!

We made cookies! Chocolate chip ones too! I was super proud of how they turned out and will be included the recipe on our new page as soon as I get it up and running!

So here goes! How to make chocolate chip cookies with Ema (through pictures of course!):


Step 1: Get your ingredients (mommy did that for me) & mix them all together! This is the fun & messy part!


Step 2: Melt the butter so it’s easy for me to mix together. (Most recipes say to just soften it…but we always melt it all the way so little people can mix it up too!)


Step 3: Mix your butter into the bowl of flour and stuff. It takes a while to get it all mixed up..just keep tasting it throughout to make sure all sections taste the same! You don’t want to mess up and end up having a spot that doesn’t taste as good!


Step 4: Make mommy help when your arm gets tired and you don’t wan to stir anymore! (That stuff is thick and tough! I promise mommy’s can do it much faster!)

Step 5: use a spoon to put messy yummy balls on the pan (grease it first)! Be sure to put more onto the spoon than you need to, this way you have an excuse to eat it! (See…even mommy ate some!)


Step 6: Stop and let mommy take pictures of the cookie dough…weird step but hey that’s what we did! This stuff tastes even yummier than it looks! (I think it’s the brown sugar that makes it extra yummy!)


Step 7: Let mommy put them into the oh so hot oven and wait not so patiently as they bake!

Step 8: Wait AGAIN as mommy takes more pictures….she seriously doesn’t understand how serious it is to wait 10 minutes on cookies to bake! They smell super yummy and I want one NOW!

Do you cook with your little ones? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook together?

27 Things I Learned In The Past 4 Years As A Mom

This is my first birthday as a mom of two! So I decided that I wanted to think back over the past 4 years and come up with

27 things that I have learned about being a mom!

Some are silly, some are serious, and some just aren’t right!
Why 27 you ask? Well, simply because today is my birthday and I am 27 years old! Makes total sense right?!?

While I have learned a ton of things since I became a mom, there are some “lessons” that are much more amusing than others and some that stand out as more important than others.

Of course, as you probably guessed, most of these are only funny after-the-fact and they tend to be lessons that I sort of learned the hard way. Most of them left me yelling, “Oh my gosh! I will totally never let this happen again!” Hahah yeah right! I was so naive! Continue reading “27 Things I Learned In The Past 4 Years As A Mom”

My Sanity is on VACATION!

Just a really, extremely quick post to let you guys know that:
Comment below with guesses as to why my sanity has decided to abandon me and share why your sanity my want a vacation as well!

How To Make A Pinata: DIY The WRONG Way!

It’s been a little while since I have done a post about a random adventure in my day to day crazy life.

So I thought instead of embarrassing my kids…which I totally did with A Bad Case of Weird, I would take the time to embarrass myself!

I know…you guys must be super excited!

Already your brain is working…trying to figure out what I did…this time! Continue reading “How To Make A Pinata: DIY The WRONG Way!”

10 Signs That Your Kid Has A Bad Case of: Weird

I’m sure I am not the only mom to walk in on something and think, “Oh my gosh, my kid is sooo weird!”

I hope I’m not alone here anyways….

Let’s just say that Emalee has had quite a few moments that lead me to believe she has come down with a bad case of Weird!

Are you curious if your kid may be suffering from this very same disease? If so, please read below to check the top 10 signs that your kid has a bad case of Weird. Continue reading “10 Signs That Your Kid Has A Bad Case of: Weird”

2 kids + 2 haircuts + rain = H.E. double hockey sticks

It’s haircut time!!

Around here we love getting to go to the hair salon. It’s nice, relaxing and you look totally awesome when you get done!

What’s not to love right?!?

Let’s back up a little bit…I may have left out a few minor massive details.

Wait….The Kids Will Be Here?!?

Who wants to be a stay at home mom?!?

We all idealize the concept of being a SAHM.

“Oh it is going to be fabulous! I’m going to keep the house clean, play with the kids some, do crafts, get some reading done….” the list goes on and on of our “plans”!
So my first few weeks of being a stay at home mommy went super well!

I had the baby taken care of, I was on a cleaning schedule and the house looked awesome ( I mean to the point that the hubby couldn’t tell what I did that day), I cooked dinner (although not very well), and I was able to read like crazy!

I should probably mention here that my career as a SAHM started in March. I was staying home before that but I was on bed rest and unable to do anything! Continue reading “Wait….The Kids Will Be Here?!?”